huggles7 t1_j36ybav wrote

I feel horrible for damar but also for Buffalo fans

I know it’s clearly not important right now and Damars health is paramount, the right decisions were made overall with regards to not continuing the game, not finishing the game and everything else

But I feel horrible that now Buffalo has a harder road to the playoffs after Kansas City is basically gifted the first overall seed in the playoffs because of this, again it was the absolute right decision all the way around, but ya gotta feel for the Bills mafia here

Personally I hope they rally and crush everyone on their way row a championship in his honor but man the road just got tougher


huggles7 t1_ivlhq31 wrote

I think the problem isn’t fundamentally that the internet exists it’s that we can access it in our private lives, alone, where we can’t talk about what we’re experiencing or viewing with other people

When we don’t have anything to challenge our thoughts they’re allowed to evolve and not necessarily always in a positive direction