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>What if our brains can implicitly understand and mediate quantum states?

Sorry but this is sci-fi brain thinking. We understand the brain plenty well enough to answer this specific idea. The brain is a physical object, based in reality like every other object. We understand its molecular, cellular function very well. It is composed of particles like every other object, which have quantum superpositions like every other particle in the universe. The complex emergent behavior of the brain is difficult to understand, yes, but that is not a license to apply quantum physics concepts at macroscopic levels.

If you want to allow some spooky quantum navigation by a "soul" of some sort, we need to acknowledge that we are not talking about any physics or scientific knowledge.


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I'd have big concerns around the areas of data protection laws, governance and storage. No on-prem/self-managed use cases? Data regions & localization? Anyone outside US region will be doing cross-region transfers, which have GDPR and other considerations.
I'd hoped this was "Lake FS, but with actual diffing". It sounds conceptually very cool, but as far as I can tell, the implementation is not ready for any serious data storage that relates to people.


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Sure, I was mostly just dicking around with your phrasing with the non-exclusive-or answer to "X or Y". Just didn't expect it to be noticed much.
I'm not much for flowery language, so question about a caterpillar mourning? Nope, caterpillars do not know about cocoons or their meaning.
As a question about perspective, sure. But I'll double down and throw it back to you - the perspective of the unknowing caterpillar is just as good a metaphor as the knowing caterpillar. The dream of the butterfly as an allegory of unknown transitions into or out of unimaginable, inaccessible states is just as easily described by the caterpillar who doesn't know what a cocoon is. We don't know what the events, objects, environmental queues are that will be transformative in our lives, or what the signs are that someone has transitioned in a similar way. It's only with hindsight that we see the key elements, such as getting in our cocoon, that lead to our butterfly transformation. At the time, we had no idea what a cocoon was, even as we were building it.


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Consider though, in a linear scheme, taking each gradient step separately is equal the sum of the gradients. Taking the average is equal to the sum of the gradients divided by the number of steps. So you are only adjusting the step by a scale factor of 1/N, nothing more mathemagical.