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Lol. Local 12 is not hurting for members. The advertising is to promote the union in general. We take an apprentice class every year, but there are way more applicants than spots. Being a woman can definitely help. Knowing someone in the union who will vouch for you will also help. I think it’s too late to apply for this year’s class, but it can’t hurt to go down and talk to them.


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Not sure what your preference for 495 is all about, but check out towns served by the T or the commuter rail if you want easy access to all Boston has to offer. Quincy is more affordable than Boston, but still city vibe and minutes from Boston.


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Lol. All the people in here saying Foxborough is a “depressing area” have obviously never been in a “depressing area”. It’s a nice little suburban town, once you get off route 1.


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Probably. Three of my grandparents came down from there. Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton. Many came down during the depression. There’s a Canadian American Club in Watertown that has music nights and other activities. I’m sure you could meet up with some fellow Nova Scotians there.