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Light and heavy attacks, dude. Whether you believe it or not, they are classified as different attacks, whether the motion is the same or not. I agreed with you the melee alone is shallow. It's not supposed to be deep. I think you're missing that Far Cry games are sandbox games first. You are dropped into a world with a variety of tools and you need to get shit done. Melee was just one of the variety of tools in Primal. One tool. Use the others in tandem and you might actually smile for once in your clearly sad life.


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Dude, you stab with your spear. Hold it it is a heavier lunge. One handed club has a swing, hold it and it's an over head attack. The two handed club as a heavy swing, and again, hold it separate attack. That is much more than just stab. If you had played the game like the other comment said you'd have known that.

I never said crafting was an attack.

>There are multiple weapons with multiple attacks. You can throw them, set them on fire, craft them on the fly because they can break or lose them.

Those were my exact words. Now I'm no English teacher but I'm pretty sure that dot after the first sentence is a period. Pretty sure that means the start of a new sentence. A sentence in which I list other things you can do in combat (things other than just stab btw). Not listing attacks.

I was quite clearly pointing out your "just stab" comment was false because of the multiple attacks as well as what you can do during combat to enhance the attack or keep enemies at a distance.

Is Far Cry Primal the deepest combat at ever? No. It's fairly shallow. But since it is a sandbox game where variety is key for a good time, I say it suffices for what it does in that department. If you focus on just the melee you are missing out on a huge chunk of the game.


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My main gripe with 4 was the main NPCs who want Ajay to join them are both the worst kind of people. One wants war for the sake of war and the other just wants to hide away (might be over simplified, been a while since I played). The best choice is the secret ending you can get.


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I know. It's a lot more fun than I thought. Could do without the friendship simulator but the rest of the game is fine. It's on sale for PS right now and I am buying it when I get money. It just sucks I'll have to restart from scratch (I've been playing with the Xbox Gold trial but missed it on sale)


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That is true but I do like the idea of an MMO/Destiny style Avenger game with a larger roster. That's what this Avengers tried to be it just missed the bar and wanted a more concise, linear story. Which I think bottle-necked a lot of the content. Also leveling each individual character is just pure annoying. I like how Ruined King did their character additions. When they joined they were at or near your current level.

Guardians was a surprise to me. I loved it more than I thought I would. My only complaint was I would have loved to be able to swap characters rather than just use them like attacks. Maybe in a sequel. I get for the first game it was Peter's story so you were him the whole game. I also wish the choices made much of a difference. As far as I am aware it is just minor dialogue and cutscene switches.


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I noticed a cool detail about one of Bucky's emotes too. He has that one that calls Captain America's shield and I noticed after switching the skin for Cap that the shield Bucky gets is always the one of the equipped Cap suit. That is a nice attention to detail I didn't think Square Enix would do.


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>you can just stab. That’s it

That is 100% false. There are multiple weapons with multiple attacks. You can throw them, set them on fire, craft them on the fly because they can break or lose them. You can command animals or use stealth. Take them out from a range or use traps. Even lead them into other threats

The combat is as dynamic as it has to be in a 10 000 BC setting. You play an early man who has basic combat knowledge mostly as a defense. To have him play like he was a professional fighter would be weird and out of place.

It's not half a game. It's a fully fleshed out game. Just vastly different than the previous titles. Even the "reused map" is completely unrecognizable because of the work they put in to make it so.

Maybe engage with the mechanics rather than swing a weapon once and claim that's all there is to it.


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Why would it have a parry or a dodge? It's a Far Cry game. From my memory Far Cry has never had a parry or dodge. Anything new they added felt like something that could be in future games (like weapon crafting and throwing and animal taming for instance)

It is labeled as part of the series so it can be easily argued as part of that series and as better than any one of them. You clearly didn't like it but plenty of others did. I know I have a blast every time I play it.


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That's honestly fair. It is the most unique of the series. Honestly all three of the spin-offs are arguably better than the main line series. Blood Dragon, Primal, and New Dawn (New Dawn is more of a sequel but it's different enough)


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Far Cry 4 or 5. Even Primal is good. Far Cry 6 is fine but bland. 4, Primal, and 5 are at least fun with interesting settings or villains. Though 6 does have Giancarlo Esposito so...that is a plus.


Far Cry 4 for a fun villain, beautiful setting

Far Cry 5 for a menacing villain and a genuinely fun sand box experience

Far Cry Primal for animal taming and another beautiful setting

Far Cry 6 if you just want a bare bones Far Cry experience with some celebrities (Danny Trejo is in it too) The DLC is fun though.