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Last I looked at this, though, they are just following the rules. There are no “parties” recognized, it’s just who gets the most votes. If the republicans can get enough votes, then they get their person in. Until the full chamber is seated and then it goes back again. There is no “will of the voters”, just votes.


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Usually, but I looked a bit into this. The GOP has a solid argument. The dems are saying since they won a theoretical majority they should get to pick the speaker. But “parties” aren’t really a thing and the speaker is just whoever gets the majority of the votes of those present, regardless of party or theoretical majority. So if they really do have more people show up, and they vote, that’s the speaker. Of course that is only until the dems have enough votes to recite and change it, but this is a basic aspect of rules, not even something a judge should get involved with.


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This is silly. It’s center city because it’s the center of a planned city. Even the article only says “people just referred to it as the Center of the City”. It’s the obvious and correct name. I find it so silly that other cities refer to a “downtown” when there isn’t any obvious “down” (unlike Manhattan). Be


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I don’t understand. These are not mutually exclusive. It is one of if not the oldest bar in the country. It is awesome and a ton of fun. It is disgusting and old, and it is nondescript. All of these things are true. If your idea of a nice bar is one in a hotel, don’t go.