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I did; Syncthing.

You need it on your nas and on your phone, you need to specify the folder you want to sync, and it's target on the NAS, alongside setting up the usual stuff when dealing with home network storage. Whenever you are connected to your home network, it will sync those folders to your NAS.


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Haven't tried many, managed to get syncthing up and running, but i'm unhappy with some of the limitations, so I'm also looking for an alternative. It does what i need it to do (get stuff on my NAS), i just set up some batch script that does the sorting to proper directories afterwards.

Like a NAS is for sure more expensive than some google cloud storage, but having my own local network storage is just so versatile.


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I just bit the bullet and got myself a nas and an app that syncs (read upload) my photos to my nas whenever i am home, and then another app that auto-delete unsaved photos from my phone if they're older than a certain time.

I could set up port forwarding or whatever to access it online, but I don't want to open that can of worms, and I'm unlikely to view random pictures.


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Sotheby is also fairly well known for trying to sell artifacts that they know have dubious origins, have fake provenance or no provenance until they're caught in hot water.

If this story doesn't gain attention, the sale will just go through and they can continue their money laundering.


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Yeah, it's not like I professionally worked in this research field and 3d art for the past few years. My job was literally to work with this tech and exploring ways to introduce this into production pipelines, both game development, and related industries.

3d has always been a field that moves fast, very fast, and continuously learning to use new tech is and will be a part of the job. Effectively using generative AI will become a part of the skillset moving forward.


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Yes, because transcription is a form of artistic expression. /s

3D art involves a lot of different subtask and disciplines, and most of them involve some form of artistic direction, to varying degrees. We've long been automating aspects of the job, but it didn't result in a replacement of jobs, yet.

Ultimately this will end up being just another tool to do the job faster.


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Look at what the actual output of that is, it's practically unusable. I've done work in this field, and while this is genuinely impressive and a step up from previous work. It doesn't really have any practical use beyond rapid exploration. Arguably the most impressive thing about this is the natural language processing to 3d synthesization, and the speed at which it does it. How this would be used is to quickly synthesize rough ideas, modify them, and then send them to outsourcing alongside concept art guidelines for final asset production.

Production of 3d assets these days is already largely outsourced, but art direction and dressing is still going to be needed. What will be truly revolutionary if an one could derive context, style and intent behind an existing scene or concept piece, and just feed you models or 3d elements that would best fit within the environment or character. Not even synthesization, just asset suggestion is already a gargantuan task. Promethean still largely works off natural language and meta data, but not from one shot image or geometric data, for now. But you still need a person to properly direct towards a desirable output.

We're still miles off from replacing actual artists.


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>France has nationwide population density similar to the US midwest

Not at all. France has about a population density of 117.7 people per sqkm or 304.8 per square mile. the US midwest supposedly has 90 people per sqmile, which is approx 34.7 per square km. France is more than 3 times as densely populated. Not only that, 44% of the country lives in the 20 largest metro areas. How is that in any way similar?

Did you confuse miles and km when looking up the numbers? r/confidentlyincorrect


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I mean, France is pushing efforts to de-car it's urban centers. Having all this additional cost discourages the construction of new parking lots (which this applies to), and thus discourages vehicle traffic. It also helps prepare for the EU ban on ICE vehicles in 2035.