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It's not the point but it's definitely a factor. Imagine your warehouse having some liquid all over the floor and a good chunk of the product because this algae plastic degraded early. If it hurts the bottom line, companies won't switch easily, which means this tech won't have much of an impact.

If it even so much as just "doesn't hurt the bottom line" companies will gladly switch and tout their eco friendly products.


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I'm not saying nobody needs to worry about food, I'm saying if you live in a first world country, you already are the rich. There's just a broader perspective to consider.

Imagine some destitute village somewhere getting flooded or enduring some famine. They know it's places like the US, Europe, and Asia to blame for all this. We ARE the rich. Yeah there are richer people among us, but I eat meat, drive a car, and shower every day. That's the lifestyle we're living that's gotten us here. We're the perpetrators as much as the victims, right?