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The Lion princess was my not favorite movie. As I would deny if anyone ever asked me about it. This one time my sister walked into the room and asked me what I was watching. I quickly closed my eyes and started breathing slowly and deeply as if I was in a deep sleep that could be interrupted. Another time my old friend Boyd caught me watching it in my room, I slung the excuse out that it was for a book report, and how dumb it was.

But I loved this movie. I wish I could tell people "no, no, it's not about a lions. It's about a princess who would become as brave as one." But that line would never materialize outside my own thoughts. I thought it much better than the movies where the hero is already great and couldn't falter. It made me feel like I really could go through hard times.

I had a particularly hard break up. I mean we didn't end things on bad terms, but it really did overwhelm me. I got around to watching the old VHS after a few drinks. Two thirds of the movie, the princess was walking into the secret entrance of a liar, "don't go in there, it's a trap." I yelled. She continued to look into the cavern, but the tape didn't continue. "I don't see how this day could get possible worse," I said. I walked towards the VCR, and pressed play over and over again. And then notice something move in my peripheral, but nothing was there. I then noticed she was staring in my direction from the tv. And then she walked off the scene.

There was black. And then a flash to white. And then there was a crowd of people. They were all dressed in black. As the casket lowered. She told her mentor Broom, "I voice stopped me from saving his life." He just looked down at her without saying anything. "I'm going to find him and make him pay," she said. "Me and my men are at your service," he said.

The VCR fell from my hands and the TV went black. What did I just see? No, I didn't see anything at all. That never happened, I thought. I'm going to bed, there's nothing to worry about.


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I passed by a door when I stopped. There was something off. There was someone there, near the bed, and I could have sworn it made a noise. Backtracking, I noticed a blonde woman sitting on the edge of the bed with her hands over her face. And I heard her made the noise again, she hucked in air.

"What is it my love?" I asked.

She just turned her head away. So I sat on the bed next to her and rubbed her back. "You can tell me about anything, really." I said.

"It's not something really interesting," she said.

"I don't mind," I replied.

"I just remembered that I'm going to outlive you all. I know we talked about it before. I never really felt it, emotionally, until now." she said. "I know I rather have you guys then never had you add all, but I still have the feeling of sadness of losing you someday." she replied.

"oh," was all I said at first. After a brief pause I said, "Why don't we take it one day at a time then," I replied as I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the side of the head. "You know anything could happens. Even a war could break out and we'd lose you. But it helps thinking about the days we do have together, even if we get into a lot of fights every now and again. I love you."

"I love you too," she said.


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I was thinking that all the agents/soldiers had to be poorly skilled. Who would suspect goofy idiots to be secret soviet spies? Or they had sleeper agents, but they're all old/senile.

They were also able to get tanks into the country by sending them piece by piece or just built make shift ones.

In the end, although the americans were surprised at first, they ultimate demolished this poor force.


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"I guess you were right," I said out loud, more for myself than anyone else. "Told you" Matt replied.

The lake house that I was worried about looked really decrepit. The windows had spiderwebs running from it to the ground. The wood looked really worn down and had many small cracks. Almost like when a cracked window.

No one was going to know that we snuck in here or were spending a few days here. Me, Matt, Elsa, and Faye.

The inside looked nice and the lights inside worked. We drank the beers we brought and told each other stories about what we did over a christmas break.

At some point Matt he had to use the washroom, but he never came back. We went to cautiously look for him. We knew he was the kind of person to pop up from behind his hiding spot and scare us.

Behind one corner a large figure in a hockey mask jumped out and it had a large electric chain saw. I felt like I lost every ounce of strength. Fay keeled over and started throwing up. Elsa who was next to me, just pulled me by the arm, turning me around, and ran. We ran straight to to front door but it seemed to be locked.

We then thudded up the stairs, ran into one of the rooms and hid in the closet. We were both heavily panting, hoping that the wind outside was louder than us. Hoping his environmentally friendly chain saw was still on and louder than our pants. We could hear the creaking on the stairs, he was taking his time, was he doing that to torture us?

He walked into the room and walked around before standing in front of the closet and then walking away. We could hear the footsteps starting to creak down the hall.

We could only look at one another now. Unsure of what to do. At some point, I couldn't tell if this was seconds or half and hour later, but we mad a break for the stair and then into the kitchen.

I then threw a chair threw the window before cracking it open. I smashed it a few more times trying to get a bigger opening. And we both jumped through. We ran towards the bridge but at the same time, we noticed it was gone. We turned around and the large figure with dark splatters just casually walked out the door and towards. Faye just held my hand, and I hers. Knowing we were to weak and cold to go any further. But then the figure was ran over out of nowhere buy a tank. It seemed to have been traveling in a straight line, but we were to preoccupied to notice.

And the latch opened, "comrade, I think we hit something." the man said with a strong accent.

"Was it another one of our guys?" said the voice from within the tank

"I don't know."

"was it anyone important" he asked.

"I don't think so" said the man.

"good, we can still make it to the white house undetected" he said.


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"Some of us are born with greatness, some of us become great, and some have greatness thrusted upon us," they say. I think I maybe be all three.

I think I was born with superpowers, I mean nothing happened to me. I didn't get hit with a doses of radiation or a shooting star. There was no toxic spill. I was an orphan at a young age, so it's not like I could just my parents or friends of theirs.

But one day, I relized I could shoot lasers out of my eyes and fly. Ensue failure montage. I was waiting for a suppervillian that would never come. I got a job as an accountant. But one day I saw a little girl about to be hit by a reckless driver, so I jumped out my window and flew to save her without a disguise.

I was nervous about going back to work the next day. About all the big news. But no one treated me any differently. This happened a few more times where my mask just wouldn't stay on. But no one seemed to care to talk to me about such actvities. "Didn't you watch the news?" I once asked someone.

"Every now and again, but not usually," they'd commonly reply.

I even picked up a paper that had me on the cover and told someone this is me. But they just looked at me weird and continued on with their walk.

I even went up to my long time friend Emily and asked her if she recongnized me. "Um yeah?" she questioned.

I was on the news! I said. slightly irritated that she and no one else didn't seem recognize me.

"Oh, what for?" she asked.

"I'm the town hero," I said.

"uh-huh" she said.

"You don't believe me? Don't you seem the resemblence?" I asked.

"I'm sorry but you two looking nothing alike." she replied. "I Have to go, cake in the oven"

I couldn't believe it, I was fighting bank robbers and saving people from disasters, but people didn't seem to be grateful at all outside of those events.


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No one would say it but they could see what was happening. The winds were picking up and the clouds seem to come lower as they days went by. They were hoping, without thinking, that everything would resolve its self on Eve. Yet here it was. There was no yellow in they sky, or maybe there was. They could only see so far with the mist and keep their eyes open for so long because of the strong snowfall.

Santa summoned his council, which included several of the elves as well as few of his niblings. After the third day, he arrived at the field where the reindeers were. All of the them skating along on the lake they use to swim, which had now become an ice floor. All except Rudolph who was some distance away under a bare tree.

All the reindeer, except the tree sitter, came towards Santa as soon as they noticed him. Prancer, Dancer, and Comet came the quickest. While the other three took their time getting to him. He couldn't quite make out what Vixen and Blitzen were saying to one another, but they were walking abreast.

He patted the first three as they eagerly rubbed their heads into his hands. "How is everyone holding up here?" he asked. The first three again starting huffing and snorting in excitement.

"I'm not sure if we're going to make it, tonight" Blitzen, the defacto leader of the second group. I've talked with the others, and I think it might be possible. They just stared back waiting for him to go on.

"We'll use Rodolph! With his nose so bright!"

They all just looked at one another. Rodolph? Out of all the crazy ideas. How could he possible see? Not only was there mist but there was strong snow. How could he possible see through that? But the answers became quite plain. He's nose was really bright enough and he could just wear goggles or a ski mask. But would he? They hadn't spoken all that much anymore. They practically went there separate ways. They were terrible to him. Would you really want to do it? He would be answering to the old man, and not to them. So they stood back, as he approached Rodolph.

They saw the old man explain and use a lot of hand gestures. But Rodolph Stomped on of his feet and snorted a puff of air out aggressively. Although they still couldn't hear what Nick was saying, they could hear Rodolph's angry replies.. "As if I'd ever do anything for any of you!" "You really think feeding me more-sols of visits really means anything?" "I don't care about those spoiled children!"

As Nick began to gesture again, that's when Rodolph turned on his heel and flew away.

No one knew what to do, so they didn't do anything. As soon as Nick's shoulders slumped over, the other reindeers went back to playing. Including Vixen, who sneakily flew away as the other's were distracted in the game. She knew were Rodolph would be. It was the last place they use to see each other.