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I can help (multiple spine issues).

I was big, now im just a little big, but can do the same weight for the longest. Now that it's been a few years of compression I am noticing fatigue doing 'common' things like holding arms and shoulders up too long - yet can still do the heavy weight. So - it's complicated! My first spine doc visit schedule this week. But more or less the size goes real fast, and the strength far slower.


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I am a hundred percent in agreement that this is appalling. I am 100 percent in agreement that having people detained with no due process i preposterous. I am also 100 percent over being lectured by other countries with their own atrocious nonsense going on, especially while once again the world won't take a collective shit and stand up for itself against yet another regional dictator (call Vlad what you want, they are Europe far east) who is no where near our shores, invades a European country without real cause or consequence. I won't throw shade at the people who live there with the nonsense that I 'don't WANT to hate [insert country here] but you should do this, do that. So on. It's just like - sit down we all doing the same shit across the world.