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>In a sense you can say that the virus does have a “reason” to do so so that it can reproduce.

Viruses do not reproduce.

They are a chemical that your body replicates when given the chance.

Saying that the virus makes people aggressive to spread itself is disingenuous at best and completely the ignores the topic.

The virus doesn't make people aggressive, it causes swelling in the brain and damage to neurons required to think rationally. This results in people becoming afraid, people who are irrational and afraid become aggressive because the fight or flight response is triggered by these stimuli.

The flight or fight response is caused by a huge rush of adrenaline and cortisol which is the actual question OP was asking about, the chemicals involved in emotions and feelings.

The only thing the Rabies virus is doing is killing your brain tissue, the symptoms of that coincidentally make spreading the virus more likely.

It would be like saying chlorine reacts with your skin to cause a rash, it skips all the important parts of why rashes form on contact with chlorine and implies an agency that chlorine doesn't have.


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The fact is that we won't intentionally change our physiology.

We'll go there and our bodies will adapt.

It'll probably kill most of us really young but we'll spend thousands of years using every trick in the book to keep our bodies functioning normally until those of us who can't adapt as well fail to reproduce.

We don't understand gene expression well enough to do a better job of altering it than 3.5 billion years of evolution.

Whales once lived on land and looked like wolves, Europans will view us the same way whales look at wolves today.

The solutions our bodies come up with to adapt to the environment will be unexpected and far better than anything we could plan, for the low low cost of millions of dead people.


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I don't think that would do it.

It's clearly got its own oxygen source down there and open spaces that aren't braced frequently collapse protecting the front edge of the fire from the burned sections and the unburned sections aren't that permeable to water.


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Your country might have a public internet but mine doesn't.

I would happily pay a government entity as opposed to my ISP if the service was just as good but until a public option becomes available I pay for my private internet with a monthly bill.


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So you've got inputs and outputs for a network but need a network that takes in the outputs from that network and gives you the original inputs?

While a random theoretical network might be reversable I don't there's any requirement that be true in every case.

I would train a second network on the outputs and inputs from the first.

On the plus side you've got all the data organized already.