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Thank you! I went in to the store today spoke to them and decided I will be ordering the 512 and returning the 256 after my trip, I will have time. They said I’ll have to pay a $50 restocking fee but … I definitely won’t be paying that. And they can give me a free screen protector, since I had to put the one I bought onto the 256 GB phone I had purchased yesterday. I don’t feel like it’s unreasonable that I request they give me a free screen protector and don’t charge for restocking, given how much I was put through. Not to mention, I haven’t been refunded for the 512 GB that was stolen yet, since the Verizon claim center lady who the sales associate called twice yesterday, to confirm that they put the claim ticket in correctly, messed up the ticket and didn’t include enough details. So now I have to wait another 24 hours to get my phone number assigned to the 256 GB phone I bought (I have a temporary one for now). The sales associate is working very hard on my behalf and I appreciate her, but there’s clearly a whole disconnect here.


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UPS didn’t even give me a tracking number. My internet equipment came via FedEx, and was delivered when my phone was supposed to be. I never received a UPS tracking number and didn’t even know it would be arriving via UPS. I didn’t know I had any choice in the matter, Verizon chose the courier.


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Yea im going to tell them I will NOT be paying a $50 restocking fee and that they can throw in the screen protector that I already bought too. It’s on my 256 GB right now, but the fact of the matter is that I had no choice than to buy the 256 GB so they can give me a free one, as far as im concerned.


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I already got a new phone via Verizon, but it’s a 256 GB and not the 512 GB I ordered. They don’t carry the 512 GB’s in store. I paid for a new one and they’re working on refunding me for the old one. The sales associate just texted me today to update me.

When I get back from my trip, I will be returning the 256 GB and ordering the 512. They said it’s a $50 restocking fee but I’ll pay that over my dead body.

Additionally, I’m going to be filing a police report.


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Yea, they will be refunding me for my stolen phone and the associate texted me today to let me know she was still working on getting the ticket order cancelled. I sat with her as she called in to whoever manages the claims for Verizon in store, and she called them twice to confirm that they were taking care of the issue. They said it would be taken care of tomorrow (today). Well today, she texted me saying the claims center or whoever hadn’t put enough information in and they’re still waiting to get to the ticket. She’s working very hard on my behalf as I witnessed her call twice to confirm that whoever manages these claims for Verizon would be doing their job. I bought a 256 GB in store yesterday because I needed a working phone for my weekend road trip, and after my trip when I come back the 2nd, I will be ordering the 512 GB, having it delivered in store, and returning the 256 GB. They said I’ll need to pay a $50 restocking fee but honestly, I’ll pay that over my dead body. I was advised to file a police report and I think that’s what I’m going to do.


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Yes definitely do not order. This was my first phone buying experience and it’s been awful. I went in to the store, and ordered it in store, but they didn’t carry the 512 GB in stock, so they had it shipped to me. They didn’t give me in-store delivery as an option, so I didn’t know it was offered, but now they are. I would’ve ordered directly from Apple but then I wouldn’t get my $800 trade in


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Ok, I’m not sure if that would be overkill or not but I guess I could. Mostly because, I want accountability for this somehow. But I wouldn’t be able to as I leave for my trip tonight and won’t be back until the 2nd, so it might be too late to file a report.


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My internet equipment I ordered at the same time as the phone came via FedEx with a tracking number. It actually arrived when the phone was supposed to. It took me like 2 days to finally track down the package with the supposed iPhone, because it came late and I never received a tracking order.


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That’s exactly what I was wondering- how did they know a phone was in there? I looked on the box and there is no indication. Unless it was stolen directly at the Verizon warehouse, but I don’t think so, because it would’ve been packaged up with the brown tape Verizon uses. It was resealed with clear tape, and the store associate told me that’s an indication it was tampered with.


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How did my phone being taken out of the shipping package, removed from the iPhone box, empty iPhone box placed back in the shipping package, and sealed again, fulfill anyones contract with Apple?


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Is pro RAW something like a camera setting? I love photography and one of the big reasons I was so excited to upgrade was so I could take amazing photos on my iPhone with the nice camera. So once I figure out what pro RAW is and how to use it, I will definitely be using it.

I’m not a professional content creator but I create content for fun. I want this phone to edit my extreme sports videos, travel stuff, take high quality pics of my friends, things like that.


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On my previous phone, I had to buy the 2TB of iCloud data. My apps would offload themselves, my phone was constantly having issues because I had no space, and I could only have 1 social media app at once.

Edit to add: I’m going to return the phone after my trip and order a 512, and have it sent to the store. I’ll be in a 36 month payment which I’ll have to follow through to get my $800 trade in at the end of the 36 months. To me, the $200 price difference over 36 months is worth it to not have to worry about storage. I’m just wondering if I should order it now, so it’s at the store when I’m back from my trip?


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Yes, the store associates were incredibly helpful. Tracking the package down was a pain in my ass in the first place, since it was 2 days late even though I paid for overnight and I was never sent a tracking number. The tracking number I was sent, which I thought was for the iPhone, was just for my internet equipment. That arrived when the phone was supposed to arrive. I was running around town and getting passed around customer service call centers. Then when I got the phone, it wasn’t even in the case. I just have to laugh about it a little, honestly.