i_am_fear_itself OP t1_j6o5cdx wrote

> but not sure if just a typo

It was indeed. Fixed.

> Crazy that that little strand of lights is increasing the temperature that much

Guess I probably should’ve posted a picture of the floor.

The lights are simply for illumination. The floor is heated with a heating pad designed for plant seedlings.

So it’s:

  1. foam insulation
  2. aluminum foil
  3. 3/4 maple scrap
  4. Heating pad
  5. Maple scrap (over 100 holes drilled to make sure the heat radiates through.)
  6. carpet

Floor setup


i_am_fear_itself OP t1_j6n1yri wrote

The lights are indeed brighter than what I’d prefer. They’re a string of fairy led’s that I modified from battery to plug in power via a simple 1.5v transformer.

When my “liquid electrical tape” arrives from Amazon, i’ll cover half of the lights to make it a little dimmer.