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She will launch a crypto token and scam a bunch of people just like that Martin Shrekpilly guy or whatever his face is called did as soon as came out of jail. He went straight to Wall Street bets and crypto subs to scam them. And ofcourse they let him. Made more then 10 million within 2 months of getting out of jail. Apparently they bought know the secret to convince a fools money to part ways.


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> Won't this mess up GPS over time?

No cause GPS clocks (the atom clocks inside the satellites) are already separated from UTC, they have never adjusted for leap seconds. Neither does galileo, only glonass adjusts for leap seconds.

>Don't most countries base their time on GPS signals?

GPS is primarily a global position system, not primarily time system even though to work it require sending time to the receivers. Countries have their own agencies in charge of time and those run their own atomic clocks, modern countries don't just copy over the time of the gps satellites. Sure there are tons of devices that use gps signals to sync their clocks with but such signals can also just be ground signals.

>So after a few years GPS and their terrestrial clocks will be out of synch, messing up bank transfers...

WTF does GPS have to do with bank transfers? Do you even know what GPS is?

>I guess they will change their minds, when things start to break...

Why would anything break? Universal coordinated time and astronomical time will drift out of sync by one minute over a 100 years. But if all computer systems keep in sync with astronomical time and never care about leap seconds anymore why would they break? Who care if a weather website that calculates the sunset gets it wrong by one minute a 100 years from now?


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Palmer is one of the biggest sellouts of the new millenium. At least companies like Valve started making decent VR hardware which was the original goal of Palmer (to jump start the industry) so he did some good but it did not make up for the bad.