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It's weird how with some arrests, people seem to get over-charged. Like the police seem to tack on every charge that might stick. Meanwhile, these people were clearly under-charged. Just felony eluding and reckless driving. There should have been a string of charges related to piloting vehicles that aren't road-worthy. No headlights, no taillights, non-DOT approved tires, etc, etc. No insurance. No license plate.


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I once thought I needed a new transmission because there was an awful clanking coming from it at certain speeds. I took it to Weaver Transmission and told them I thought the transmission needed to be rebuilt. The next day they called to say it was just a chassis brace under the car missing a bolt, causing it to rattle at certain speeds.

They charged me like $50 to tighten it when I was fully prepared to pay them thousands to rebuild the transmission. So I'd trust them for transmission work even though I've never actually needed them to do any for me.


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Yeah, despite my username, it's pretty rare you need a lift, it's just more convenient to have one. But, if OP has no good place to work on his car or store a floor jack and jack stands, just paying to go use a lift might be the best solution. But unfortunately I don't know of any such place around here either.

I just ordered a Bendpak a few weeks ago, but it won't be here for another six weeks, otherwise I'd offer to let OP use mine :)


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I doubt anywhere will take them, but you could just drive around looking for people with signs and offer them some. My friends and I used to do that with leftovers after eating at restaurants.

I'm sure someone (who isn't starving) will lecture you about sanitation, though.


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Not necessarily. It's clear that he was formerly a VA state cop, but the article says they couldn't get an answer from the Washington County sheriff’s office on what his role was there. With a step down like that, I wouldn't automatically assume he'd been able to continue being a cop at his new job.