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The problem is that migrants have to be on EU soil in order to claim asylum. The EU should create a program where refugees can apply for asylum remotely. The US did that recently and it saw a drastic decrease in illegal border crossings.

Edit: to the person who downvoted me, if you disagree with this then your problem isn’t with asylum seekers being put in danger. You just don’t want any asylum seekers whatsoever. You can be honest. You don’t have to pretend to care about asylum seekers. You can just say you don’t want the program to exist.


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Sure that would be great, but I'm not sure how something like that could be enforced without it also applying to much smaller offenses. For example if a candidate said they had a 4 year degree but really only had a 2 year degree + 1.5 years of credits towards the 4 year degree. Would the same penalties apply to them? Seems like they would b/c they said something that's not true. From a legal perspective how would you distinguish between them and someone like Santos? Then there's also the inevitable 1st amendment case this law would lead to.


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It's part of the NY constitution that registration has to occur at least 10 days before election day. There was a ballot measure last year that would have removed this requirement but it failed.


Just shows you why it's important to show up and vote in every election.


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That's really not true. The original MRNA vaccines have been shown to prevent infection with Omicron


We also don't have human efficacy trials yet with the bivalent booster, but that's expected to be much more effective based on animal trials.