iamnotyrmotheriswear t1_je1itgt wrote

You'll find out if you haven't already that by and large Pgh'ers don't care about the NBA so the feeling is mutual.

Pens game will be bars bread and butter but if there's enough TV's and they want a good tip from you, they'll switch one over for you.


iamnotyrmotheriswear t1_j6flt6m wrote

No. I was at a brewery earlier tonight and a total stranger told how a friend of hers went to a concert (so not a sports related event) but he had a Pens license plate cover and found he had 4 slashed tires after the show.

It wasn't surprising bc I've heard variations of this story multiple times.

I'm a born and bred Pgh'er who hates Philly sports (moreso the Flyers, so I've never rooted against the Phillies/Eagles, I've never rooted for them.) and I've never felt the urge to slash a person's tires. Or the other similar crappy stuff I've heard.

It's easy to root against Philly sports teams when I hear stories like I did tonight. I will be rooting for either the Bengals or the Chiefs.