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Simple Wi-Fi routers can be used to detect and perceive the poses and positions of humans and map their bodies clearly in 3D, a new report has found.

With the help of AI neural networks and deep learning, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University were also able to create full-body images of subjects.

This proof-of-concept would be a breakthrough for healthcare, security, gaming (VR), and a host of other industries. It would also overcome issues affecting regular cameras, such as poor lighting or simple obstacles like furniture blocking a camera lens, while also eclipsing traditional RBG sensors, LiDAR, and radar technology. It also would cost far less and consume less energy than the latter, researchers noted.

However, this discovery comes with a host of potential privacy issues. If the technology does make it to the mainstream, one’s movements and poses could be monitored — even through walls — without prior knowledge or consent.

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