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trueee, but in combating the yoyo effect you would desensitize a mechanism and this would result in a lifelong treatment plan. Might just be preferable to use the old ozempic if it proves to be safe longterm. Although adjuncts are always nice if all else fails.


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>Overall, the study showed that inhibited sexual passion had a strong negative effect on sexual satisfaction of both partners.

The only thing resolute that can be gained from this is that not being horny is not conducive to a healthy sexual relationship. Well euh... Kudos


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It's not like the research could have picked up that those with predementia and or other health factors predisposing to cognitive decline in middle age are likelier to end up unmarried. Loneliness is horrible, but given the right cognitive functioning it should not even occur in the first place.


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im pretty sure there is an error correction mechanism that removes genetic sequences which seem out of place or mutations. no idea how likely it is to always work, but infected cells are cleaned up through autophagy, programmed apoptosis (this is like murder and suicide), so viral sequences will most likely be removed at some point. chronic viral infections like aids and herpes are forever though. edit: i do not have a degree or anything in this area, so if you want to know more im sure youtube has simple videos explaining these things


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mrna transcriptase makes dna into mrna. reverse transcriptase makes mrna into dna. this gets laced into the nucleus dna via a few other enzymes. im a bit rusty on the specifics but there are a few mechanisms through which this proces can take place throughout all organic life. its how bacteria exchange antibiotic resistance genes and such


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cause they integrate into your dna via reverse mrna transciptase. this is only a concern with specific viruses types and only when you get older and immune system gets weaker. thinking of aids or herpes family viruses here. edit: also stress due to exhaustion will deplete your natural dna restoration mechanisms and immunity against cells showing abberant behavior, so then you get flare ups causing pathological damage to tissues