ichankal t1_j9xlsng wrote

> Some people are driven. Some people are not.

Jesus Christ, what a way to run an education system.

"Sorry Parent, we didnt teach your kid anything this year because he wasnt driven. Better luck next year."

No. Just No. A school has to teach all students as much as they can, not just the "driven" ones. Get them to sit down, shut up, listen, take notes, ask questions, and yes it will all be tested on the exam.


ichankal t1_j9xi47v wrote

> Everyone has the ability to look up anything

Go to any news subreddit. People are too lazy to read the article, which is only one click away.

>In the hands of a naturally curious and talented kid

And thats where the whole thing falls apart... in a world where most people are too fucking lazy to scroll down the page a bit to see what people have already posted... before posting the exact same fucking question that has already been asked and answered a hundred times already.

The only way to get information into the average kid's head is to tell them to sit down, shut the fuck up, and listen.