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I don't, but I think there are ads in Russian language papers and online. I'm not Russian speaking however if you use translate online after finding local papers, I think you'll find such ads.


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Many people in my neighborhood, near Brighton Beach Avenue, and other areas in NYC, rent a room out in their apartment. Good luck


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I'm glad you're saying h this. It's the kind of thing we should be talking about. How other human beings are living on the streets, is crazy. It's just this massive tragedy that's become acceptable because it's so common. I've helped various people who were homeless in ways I thought would be significant to them and end of the day they still slept in the cold. There has to be a better way to take care of people.

I have serious illness and I cannot fathom enduring that on the streets let alone the streets here. It has to be torturous, dehumanizing and terrifying.


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My mother had Polio as a child and fortunately came out unscathed. A close friend that used to visit her grandparents in Brooklyn every summer, came down with it at the same time and was not so fortunate. As a result one leg stopped growing and she was left with a pretty severe disability. I hope people remember that while Polio affected people differently, it could be deadly, or disabling and not worth hoping you will be one of the lucky ones


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I am so sorry for the trauma you've endured. I don't think those not living here can really get how ever present these incidents for lack of a better term, are in our lives