ifisch t1_j2aytoy wrote

I am saying that Rian Johnson doesn't seem to know much about how power generation works.

He either didn't do the research or if he did do the research, and didn't care.

A fuel source that "results in an explosion" isn't a bad thing. Ever heard of an internal combustion engine?


ifisch t1_j28120a wrote

Yea that was also really dumb.

"Yea I was gonna power my entire country with this super energy efficient fuel, but since it got some bad publicity, so I'm not anymore" What?!

We literally tolerate insane human rights abuses from Saudi Arabia for access to their oil.

And the whole bit about the fuel being super combustible... how is that a downside exactly?

I get it's probably not a good idea to fill a blimp with it, but combustibility is a pretty good aspect for a fuel source to have lol.


ifisch t1_j27p9gn wrote

I was really loving the movie until the ending.

Rian Johnson has a habit of writing scripts where the big reveal is....nothing.

In this case, the entire movie was building up to a big clever satisfying reveal, and the reveal was...nothing. Basically there was no big mystery, just a guy acting stupid and obvious.

I get that the big twist is supposed to be that Ed Norton's character is actually really dumb, despite being a billionaire, but is that really a good reveal when the character was acting dumb the entire movie?