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> But a new study published today shows how a new drug called 'CADD522' blocks a gene associated with driving the cancer's spread, in mice implanted with human bone cancer. >The drug is now undergoing formal toxicology assessment before the team assemble all of the data and approach the MHRA for approval to start a human clinical trial.

So many things work in mice, but not in humans. Hopefully this one gets cleared and works in humans.

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We still haven’t been able to get through the bottleneck that is R&D and making products available to the masses once proof of concept is established. I see a lot of posts on here that involve proof of concept for great products. But they still have to test the products to make sure they don’t malfunction over a period of time. The products also have to be at a price to where the average person can afford them. A lot of things here will get shelved because they’re either not able to get the price down or it malfunctions too often and they can’t fix it.

I think it’ll be a long time before we can accelerate/refine that part of the production process.


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Most people don’t, because it doesn’t really affect them now. My wife doesn’t know much about AI, but she brought up the GPT conversations without me asking/telling her about it. So more people are learning about it and are becoming intrigued/excited/scared etc. of what AI could be.

I guarantee that people will care about AI really quickly as soon as it affects them personally. But we’re not at that point yet.


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Agreed, we’re willing to admit that people who think that the tech is centuries away are coping. But by far and large, we’re not willing to admit that believing life will be radically changed within a decade is complete and utter copium.

I think as the 2020s go by, we’ll start to see /r/singularity become less hostile to people who think it’s decades away as life doesn’t change that much for the average person from now until then.

Of course I could be wrong and we’re all enjoying luxury space communism in 2030, so I guess will have to wait and see.