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Get a lawyer, pay for said lawyer. Financial affidavits, assets, and what not. Lawyer will ask a few times throughout process of you still want divorce. If you have kids, dont tell them. Keep living your life.

Go to court. Get the divorce decree, and start living your single life.

I got a divorce 2yrs ago, my lawyer handled a lot for me. It was just reviewing and signing documents and waiting for a court date.

I was the husband, not sure that makes a difference. I got the house and kids, I gave her the car i bought for her and thats about it.

Didnt go for palimony because she was like you, a stay at home mom and as much pain and hurt she put me through, she hadn't worked in over 20yrs and im not a spiteful person. But she done fucked up....


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Its the world we live in.

People are just scared of them, part of me understands but the other part just wants people to be more receptive of other opinions and views.

If I can do something to protect myself and my kids, what father wouldn't? Its life insurance I appendix carry.

Its also an activity I enjoy with my sons, going to the range, practicing our shooting and enjoying each others company. Just as much as going on hikes or my boat to fish.


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Im sure there are plenty of stories about private citizens stopping or preventing a much worse scenario by having a gun when it was needed.

But at the same time, if you were educated about guns, you would know that it is not advocated anyone play the hero.

At the end if the day, i sleep well knowing that in the event my family or myself is threatened I have the knowledge and tools to have a fighting chance rather than hope...like all those kids in Uvalde as well as they're parents.

As a father, i have that right so I am free to exercise it.


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I support gun rights but i do not consider myself a conservative.

Uvalde had more to do with lack of spine/effort than anything else, which to me hurt those kids more than the gunman.

All we here is the bad news when it comes to guns because thats what gets the clicks....

Its also a "perception" thing as well. Up here, its very rare to see open carry even thought it is 100% legal.

Why? Because most gun owners do not want others freaking out because the sight of a firearm in public is not something the public are used to seeing.

Meanwhile in many other states, I can go and regularly see people open carry and no one cares.

Why? Because they are used to it, they don't have as many negative associations with seeing a gun like we do in CT or the NE.

Ive been ok with guns my whole life, now my kids are also very responsible and comfortable with them too. But if I didnt educate and share that with my kids, chances are, they would be more fearful of guns.

A car can kill just as fast as a gun but you never hear about banning cars even though it causes more fatalities, especially with younger people.


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Reply to comment by singeworthy in Studded tires by [deleted]

Ill weather are different from dedicated snows.

Niokian, toyo,Michelin, and others now offer all weather which is better than all season tires, yes, it make no sense.

Michelin climate 2's are fantastic all weather but have a unique tread pattern.


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Happens to me more in Mass.

Lady this morning, left lane going from 61 to 78 mph because she was looking at her phone. I try to pass and she speeds up to 85, just to slow back down...

Friday leaving work, had a Prius going under 60 and never moved over, makes no sense to me.

And im talking about several miles and plenty of chances to switch lanes.