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Do you live in Ridgewood? I've been here almost a decade and to say Ridgewood isn't gentrifying is insane.

We went from shitty Chinese food and Corato's pizza to having two Michelin Star restaurants in like 4 years. The amount of kitchy knick-knack shops on Woodward ave is insane, and they are almost all newly in business in the last 4 years as well.


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You’re just shoving words in my mouth and calling me a racist.

Plenty of LEGAL immigrants work in almost every labor-intensive industry in this country. That’s our history and current economic reality and pretending it’s not isn’t anti-racist.. If you think I mean illegal immigrants being disposable labor, you can fuck right off. My family is comprised of migrants who came to this country to make a better life for themselves.

You’re also skating the point that US-borne citizens look down on the migrants keeping this country running. Entire industries in this country depend on immigration (not just illegal immigration). And there’s plenty of ways legal migrants get fucked over - looking at the entire HB1 visa program.

So what? You want to send all these people packing instead of letting them come here and build a better life? That’s your idea of being anti-racist? Deport them?


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How dare we become more humane as the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the world.

The last time these "economic migrants" stopped coming our produce was rotting in the fields. Be grateful you don't have to do the backbreaking, underpaid labor that keeps this country running and instead get to look down on the people that do.


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Downvote all you people want, but we had no real immigration policy until the Chinese exclusion act, which was based on racism, and then the country-specific immigration quotas, which targeted undesirable populations (notably, those countries just happened to be where the majority of Jews had immigrated from, almost completely halting Jewish immigration to the states).

If your ancestors came before the 1880s they were almost guaranteed to be "economic migrants" but there was no law stopping them from coming. So now in 2023 we look with disdain on people coming for the exact same reasons because....reasons.


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Everyone's pissed about "economics migrants" when the most likely scenario (unless you're black or indigenous) is that everyone's ancestors to this country were a form of "economic migrant." That's the entire purported purpose of this country.

Give me your tired, your POOR, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.