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According to some accounts, Jimmy Carter may have learned something along these lines. Based on that line of rational, If the theory that they created us and religion to keep us from wiping ourselves out while they studied us is correct, then the rumor that if we stop killing each other in exchange for higher tech may also be plausible.


Ex defense minister from Canada (And I'd just like to put that these people, like Paul Hellyer, Ben Rich and Boyd Bushman had top secret clearance in their jobs, it's highly unlikely decorated people are just trying to make a name for themselves as I've seen some rationalizations, so any arguing by lower ranking officials or naysayers at this point is moot - this has been documented)

"Paul Hellyer, who has long insisted that aliens have visited Earth for many years, says that when aliens saw the atomic bomb they decided that we were a great threat to the cosmos." Here is an interesting- if not strange -article about that.


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I never donate to big box retailers like Goodwill or Arc, because they upcharge about 200% on freecycling, on top of the fact that they only pay minimum wage if they do pay you, but most "workers" are "volunteers" that are trying to get their hours for welfare. It's a shit system that exploits poor people for free labor.