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Back when we bought actual, physical media (records, tapes, CDs) I listened to entire albums from beginning to end, repeatedly until I knew every song. All the lyrics, all of the music and I also read the liner notes and credits over and over. I quite literally wore out all of the first several albums I ever owned from repeated listening.

It’s a bit tougher now to get all of the information with streaming services, but Wikipedia helps. I’m currently working through Toto’s catalog, I really forgot how good they are and how many really good songs they wrote besides their big hits. Before them, I spent about two months listening to a couple of older Santana albums. Next up, who knows?


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A lot of garage doors are insulated with styrofoam panels which are just glued on to the door so they are very lightweight and can easily be replaced by homeowners.

Styrofoam panels are available at nearly any hardware store and the job would probably cost less than $500 - $800 and a weekend depending on the size of your doors(s.) You’d just need a few simple tools and adhesive and you could do it yourself. I’m sure there’s a YouTube video on how to do it.


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We got an air fryer for Christmas from our kids, it’s still in the box. I’ve mentioned to my wife a few times we should open it and see how it goes and she just shrugged.

She then asked me when the bread machine was going to be fixed, the belt broke and I had to order a new belt for it. She’s a little crazy about my homemade bread, I think she’s more interested in that.


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Spent almost eight weeks in Italy as a young man, I love panettone and most other Italian foods. It’s a shame that most Americans will never see beyond the basics of Italian food that they know in America, especially since our country is named after an Italian.