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Because why build a robot that looks like a human when you can build special purpose machines?

It's just almost always more efficient to adapt a process to be easier for a machine, than to adapt a machine to function as a human.

If you want a machine that bakes bread, you do not need to replicate the intricate hand motions a baker does when kneading the dough. You just put some spinning dough hooks that smacks the dough around.

Why build a hand to grab and use a saw, when you can attach a spinning blade to a motor?

So what's left, where a humanoid robot would be better than something purpose built? Well, not that many, and none that generate any profit. Caretakers? Maybe, but there is no money in that, the wages are horribly low so labour is cheaper anyway, and making a robot seem caring.. well.

The human form is just kinda shit for fast automated work.


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So.. why weren't they mass-reporting crypto bros? A group that make a ton of shady income and famously hates the government and taxes?

Since you so sincerely believe it was done as justice.

Like.. they did it with the express purpose to harass people they hate, entirely based on the assumption that "dumb women" wouldn't understand that you have to declare income. Literally nothing came of it, either, besides some people's lives being made needlessly stressful. Because, surprise, women are perfectly capable of declaring their taxes. Even if they get naked on camera.


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Why are you going on the base assumption that they don't pay taxes? I mean I know why, "lol dumb women" is the first thought in your head when you wake up every day, but don't you think flooding a government office with thousands of entirely unbased accusations might be a bit fucking stupid?


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>If you make it double the amount of profit they brought it, that is a good way to pretty much shutdown the business.

Oh no.

Ib4 "the people who just let it happen will lose their jobs". Well, dont you believe in the free market and that another company will appear and fill the niche? Besides, if they were employing children they probably weren't that good of an employer to the adults.

We can compromise and nationalize them instead. Or, if you want to keep things "small government" we can forcefully redistribute ownership to the employees.

Any fine less than potential loss of everything will literally just be a cost of doing business. Something you cover with insurance.


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Humans progressed under feudalism, as well. That's a nonsense argument.

At best you are doing your own circle jerk of how smart and reasonable and centrist you are. You haven't exactly revealed information that leftists don't already know. You've just severely misunderstood leftism because you haven't ever looked in to it, you are just assuming you already know everything there is to know about it.

The alternative to feudalism was also worse. Does that make feudalism good? Does that make feudalism "the best we can do"? No, if course not.

You are arguing that what we have is the best that we can do because you can't imagine an alternative. But you haven't even tried.

"History is full of full -on socialist regimes in lesser countries that fell". That really sums it up for me. You know nothing about the history of socialism. Because that's s complete nonsense statement. You don't even do the bare minimum of asking "how did they define socialism" and "how did it fail". There was no intellectual process. You just assume you already know everything.

Is it a failure of socialism if the US murders your government?

Is a country socialist because they say they are, or because they perform socialism? Can a country be socialist if it does not fulfill the basic principles of socialism?

Then the final question for you: if socialism is inherently a failure, why does this mean there is no alternative to capitalism? Why is suffering of others (you aren't sacrificing yourself doing near slave labor, it's always somebody else) necessary?

Compare your own country to Bangladesh. Would you accept their working conditions? Why not? Why do you think you deserve better but they don't? Are they not equals?