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>To date, over 620 million people have been infected by SARS-CoV-2 with a significant proportion of them infected during the Omicron wave. While most patients survived the infection, post-COVID-19 sequela including neurological manifestations are common.10 The increased efficiency of BA.2 to replicate and causing apoptosis in the brain organoids is alarming, indicating that the long-term consequence of BA.2 infection in the CNS should be closely monitored.


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Didn't a clinical study show that robotic surgery without haptic feedback had worse outcomes than regular laparoscopic surgery?

>A total of 50 studies with 4898 patients were included. Of the 39 studies that reported incidence of Clavien–Dindo complications, 4 (10%) showed fewer complications with robot-assisted surgery. The majority of studies showed no difference in intraoperative complications, conversion rates, and long-term outcomes. Overall, robot-assisted surgery had longer operative duration than laparoscopy, but no obvious difference was seen versus open surgery.