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Printers are actually the cartridges themselves having shitty timeouts. The printer itself isn’t prematurely “choosing” to not function, it’s the supplier of the consumable consciously choosing to restrict the life of the consumable. I’d give a half point for planned obsolescence of a consumable because it’s shitty behavior but it’s also a consumable.

Apple getting “busted” was actually an intentional move they were doing to protect the battery life of their devices in the field as they aged. It’s arguable they should have let the consumer decide whether to have their battery drain faster or phone perform worse, but it wasn’t a measure to drive sales of new devices. If anything it probably drove more people to Android (who has an even worse track record for maintaining software on their older devices).


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Thank you - that was informative! Seems that no matter the actual explanation; whenever a product doesn’t work perfectly forever, people just jump right to “planned obsolescence.”

In your opinion, if you don’t mind me asking, is security getting any better in relation to IOT? My layman’s understanding was a lot of early IOT was just “set up and abandon” and stuff just went online without getting security patches, or only got patches for a short period of time.


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Agreed. Last time I posed this question I got a hundred people telling me about light bulbs but not one single person could cite another example. A lot of folks misunderstand how products are engineered and how much the relentless pursuit of Shareholder Value forces design compromises, but the intent is never to make something fail; simply to last through the warranty period as cheaply as possible.


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On the flip side, every time we expose some type of machine learning to the Internet, it turns into a fascist. Not saying it’s an ML problem, but perhaps we should not be exposing these things to the Internet until we figure out how to keep them from doing this.