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I reuse screw-top containers. Costco mixed nuts and snacks come in smallish plastic containers that can hold about 3lb of pinto beans. Costco animal cracker containers are bigger...two of them will hold a 25lb bag of rice. Those mixed nuts containers are useful for storing nuts and bolts in the garage, too.


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I know you refer to her as your "bestie" but I'm curious where you rank on her totem pole. It sounds like you two have very different likes and dislikes. She likes to party, you don't. She likes crowds, you don't. She thinks hanging out with you at your place is boring. I get the impression that you value her friendship more than she does yours?


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In his book What If?, the XKCD guy analyzed what would happen if you condensed all the rain from a thunderstorm into one giant drop. The results weren't pretty.

Still, the superhero in this story ought to find soulmate with the superpower of being able to turn anything into the perfect grilled cheese.


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I've had a Bialetti granite-style frying pan for 3-4 years that's easily the best frying pan I've ever used. Couldn't have cost more than $30 at BedBathBeyond but it has far outperformed my more expensive Calphalon pans. Wish I'd bought a second one because I realize that non-cast iron frying pans are not BIFL and this one works so dang good...


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I'm not sure what good Urgent Care centers are. Years ago, my dad cut himself removing some glass and went to UC to have it taken care of. They refused do anything and told him to go to the ER. UC still tried to send us a bill, though.

I'm not sure what kinds of "urgent" conditions UC does treat...