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It was so long ago. I can say for sure that I had two professionals advise me and go through the account. One at apple and one at Verizon. I did everything they said to do. I remember doing my own research back then to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Can’t recall the exact phrasing but I did all the things they said to do.


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To clarify, Apple took care of it 8 years ago. I went to them when it happened. It wasn’t just in find my friends. That was just something i noticed and tried to see if i could still see it. The phone was in the Apple ID where it shows your devices and then it shows the devices have access to your account. It hadn’t been there in 8 years and then randomly reappeared. So that was why I was concerned. But yeah, I didn’t do it all that time ago. Apple and the phone company were providing guidance and service and did it. But in 8 years, that phone hasn’t showed up as one of my devices. So it was really weird. It should be removed permanently but I’ll keep an eye.