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No, they're saying dowsing is a myth, meaning even a single claimed experience is incorrect, and it's in fact something else. Like prior experience in an area (aquifers are rather large, so knowledge works for quite a distance), or knowing common geological patterns.


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How does this behave with different kinds of light sources? Some materials are more reflective in some frequencies than others, so a print in one material may look quite different from another when you bring them both under cheap fluorescent lights or something.

Or does Pantone specify a particular kind of light source too?


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Counter question: are you sure they're in separate lines?

It looks like a continuous gradient to my eyes, I've never seen "bands".

There's more yellow and red than others to me, but I'm pretty sure that's largely because the middle is the most intense (you can easily see this with black and white photography) and red stands out more noticeably against the blue sky than the bluer half.