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I included them because they don't let anyone confirm. they steal dead bodies and force the families to do fake conversation/media press and state that the deceased had some background illness, or it was a suicide, or some other reason (same happened with Mahsa Amini. though her father later denied the government's claims). they don't deliver the bodies, even in some cases stolen the buried corpse! and threatened the families to do a press or else they just go toss/bury the corpse in some other unknown place. thus no family dares to confirm. (however, I know about 6 people in the list. 2 confirmed and 4 not confirmed. it's not a very big deviation I believe. though for the sake of truth I did mention that it includes unconfirmed deaths too)

> Would be interested in seeing how many of the deaths were caused by the protesters

the link I mentioned provides that too.


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xD no you're not! you have the right to express what you want to see. I didn't do "that", I meant it. nowadays our lives in here are mostly about those messages. I might've felt a little too comfortable to use the sub as a platform to, kinda pay my due to the movement, "wherever you are, come a step forward" as they say. I'll do a fancier one next time ;)


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i know man. that's the whole point of what I'm saying, and this plot. that these must be highlighted (not only what the west wants to hear) and that it's not explicit to women.

and true, though I don't have an ideal eastern state in mind, I dare not to have a lazy answer. most of the people want what they see in Hollywood.


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no, that's my point. it's not about women's right to show hair, "only". it's against the systematically imposed tyranny. it can be manifested in many ways, not letting you show your hair, not having the right to divorce "by default", not letting you take custody of your child after divorce, arresting you for no reason, genocide, not letting you work because of your religion, etc.

every one of these manifestations target a group, and all those groups are exhausted. showing hair isn't about showing hair, it's about the right to show hair and it's only one of the reasons, yet it is a reason.


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sorry about the aesthetics. I initially wanted to make an animation. I'll try harder next time.

(it required a python library, ffmpeg. I tried installing it but pip was banned. I googled for better colors and it stopped working midway as well. I picked the color codes via MS paint) p.s almost everything's banned for a week now, except government/bank/university portals. using VPNs, I barely even connect to "the internet" as you, fancy aestheticians, know it.


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and I can't stay silent about this so I write it here. it's not a women's movement. it's not women-led, it's not a women's rights movement, it's not about equality. it started because of that. Mahsa Amini was the trigger, a flame that ignited that path for all of us. not first of its kind and not its last(sadly). it's a fight for freedom. it's not a fight for democracy or equality or any of your first-world 21st century jargon. it's a crowd being fed up and naturally revolting. of 198 death cases, less than 15 are women. while making this image, I feel shamed that I knew none of the guys, I never heard their names (except for one who was my actual in-real-life acquaintant) I felt shamed but blamed media. support our fights, be our voice but do not categorize it. it's very pure, natural and raw, too beautiful to be taken with sides and groups and parties. it's simply people, against tyranny.