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I am confused by your terminology. What is a dual switch? And then you say there is another switch that controls both of them?

Are there 2 switches in one box and only one of those switches control the 2 fixtures? And that switch is a 3-way switch that is also wired to the other switch by the door that is also a 3-way switch, that is how 3-way switches work.

My house was built in 2006 and required 3 conductor wires for ceiling fans so there would be separate switches for fan and light, mine only use one as we have remotes, but the wires are there. See if you have 3-conductor wire at either of those switches - black, red, and white. If you have that you may be able to rewire, and replace switches so each switch only controls one fixture.

So if you have 3-conductor to the fan, you could use the black to feed the ceiling fan and use the remote to switch light/fan. Then use the red conductor, reconnected to only provide power as it bypasses the fan, to feed the other light.


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No, not the electrical box. I am imagining a larger hole so he can cut a hole for the box in the sheetrock. Rather than just leaving the gap between the cabinet back and the wall open for critters and bugs seal that 1 inch space. The hole is already too big to have an outlet cover with extension cover it.


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Do you have your high voltage wires in place, what are you going to use the plug for? You might want to cut that hole in the cabinet bigger, install outlet in sheetrock, and use foam to isolate the behind the cabinet area.

This must be for a garbage disposal or water heater? If you want the plug for something outside the cabinet, do you have room to put it at the end of the cabinet facing out?


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I saw my first eclipse in 1979 by Goldendale WA. Drove 3 hours from Seattle overnight and another hour to a clear area. Clouds were iffy but we got a good view when the clouds parted for the whole eclipse.

In 2017 I went to Boise to see the last one, again my brother was with me as he was in 1979.

I am already planning my trip for 2024.


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You know the best way to get DIY skills? Yeah, that's right, DIY. Make sure you can turn the water off under the sink, remove it and take it to a hardware store to find the right fit. You may need a "basin wrench" but other than that won't need any specialty tools.