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A simple way to look at it is what most people should be doing with their bank statements. So you would keep track of what you bought vs money coming into the account. Look at the beginning statement and how much money is in the account, add up all the money that came into the account for a certain period and then subtract money that went out for bills and such. You should have a number that matches the number at the beginning of the next statement. In business, this would have to do with the financials of a company except more involved. You should balance your books to make sure there wasn’t an error and companies balance their books for the same reasons but also to get a state of the business presently and for tax reasons.


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Hersheys has an acid from sour milk that is literally the taste of old milk. I grew up with hersheys and never tasted this until I had all the boutique and cheap chocolate from other places. Hersheys is one of the few, if not the only, who make chocolate this way and I’ve grown to not like it as much as I did.


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Just to add to this, you may want to paint with bin shellac primer to minimize any issues the mud may do to whatever is on the wall. Also, if your doing skim coating first time and want a dead flat finish, I would get the 45 min, 60 minute mud and do the thinnest coats possible. I’m talking less then 1/16” thin or pull it pretty tight so there’s almost barely any on the wall. You can scape any bumps and go again once dried. Skim coating is an art that pros who are good can get away with 2 to 3 coats or less. For people just doing it the first time, do 5 to 10 coats and do a 10 to 12” trowel and put the mud on the trowel, don’t paint it with a roller. It’s much easier to control but will take a lot of time which is why you should do the 60 min as you can go again once dry. You’ll have some divots from the old wall not being flat and parts that are uneven but each time you will fill it in until your last coat is flat and smooth. If you do thicker, you risk having uneven spots like you have. Some people like it but that is why your walls looks that way because folks do 1/4” or more of mud/plaster and then sand high spots but it’s left with larger uneven spots that looks similar to stucco.


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People need to be responsible for their own litter. It’s one thing to have a lot of transitory people in certain areas but it’s literally grown adults littering in their own neighborhoods. There’s zero chance getting a compnsy to pick up litter will affect anything. It will likely make it worse because people already think there’s people picking it up. There needs to be a cultural shift. This is maybe the most disgusting thing about Philly and it makes the city look worse then it is.