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There is a product called Quad. You can get it at big box stores. It isn’t very paintable. But you can groom it better than silicone. I would also recommend phenosil. My experience has been the clear caulking and silicone tend to yellow over time. But cracking after 2 yrs? That’s weird.


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Each installation is contingent on the existing conditions. Some are level some are pitched. Think about if you had a 50’ run you. One side would be 5” lower than the other, and it would look like crap. In that case. I hang the gutter higher in the middle and pitch it slightly to each side toward the leaders.


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Yeah, I agree it’s going to be time consuming. The grid is part of the frame that holds the glass in. Like some else stated the glass may fall out. It may fall out when you apply the window film. You’ll need someone on the outside to behold the glass in place while working on it. By the time you take the frame off, apply the window film, reseal and attach the frame. It’s probably gonna be a wash. But hey. Do what you’re comfortable with.


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Why cant you window film each pane of glass. I know it’s possible. I’ve paid a company to do it. It was security film for a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. We couldn’t do it ourselves. They wanted a professional window film company to do it.


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You are going to many different opinions. I’ll start, I use 2x4s for the wall with at least a 1” gap between the back of the stud and the masonry. That way you will have air flow and the insulation won’t rest against the concrete. I would paint the floor if it’s a shop.


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Get it as smooth as possible. Then skim it 2 or 3 times with powdered joint compound like easy sand 90 if you want it smooth. You could do a rough plaster look also. Check out YouTube videos for that.


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That can easily be done. Sounds like you have zero experience. Call a carpenter. He can sister each joist on either side of the joist that you want cut out. Then he will head the joist off with hangers etc. I don’t know if the prize is worth the price though.