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Acting like black voters in Baltimore don't have agency to make political choices is a great way to bring into effect what you claim to fear.

Rather than pretending that white residents from a different county have all the power, why isn't a stronger case being made to Baltimore residents of all backgrounds to defeat the term limit measure?


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Humans should not be timing stoplights. Machine learning should be used to study traffic patterns and then time the lights dynamically. For instance, if you're driving at night and there are no other cars around, then every light should be green for you. Or let's say there are five cars that are waiting to turn left at an intersection. The left turn signal should be green for exactly as long as it takes to let all five cars through, rather than letting four cars through and making the fifth car wait another cycle.


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Wow. You paid 31.5k to demo an old roof, replace one joist, install particle board or OSB, and install torchdown. You could have gotten all of that work with a new 20-year TPO roof for less than half of what you paid.

You got terribly ripped off.

Honestly, you're better off renting instead of owning. I'm not saying that to be an asshole. I've known people like you. They are so bad at managing house ownership that they spend much more owning a house than they would to rent the exact same house. They describe their houses as money pits.


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This would be helped immensely by the city charging a vacancy tax on property owners. DC charges a 5% tax rate for vacant buildings, and a whopping 10% tax on blighted buildings.

Baltimore charges the exact same rate to property owners regardless of the status or condition of the building. If Baltimore adopted a similar policy to DC, it would force these loser property owners (many of them out of state) sitting on vacant blighted buildings to sell to people who are willing to do something with them.


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>west across Cold Spring

What a tragedy, a driver may have to drive literally one more minute from the water tower to 40th St in order for everyone to have a public park.

>or north up Roland

Why would you travel north on Roland to enter Hoes Heights? That doesn't make any sense. You take 40th to Evans Chapel and go north from there.

>How is it lame? The residents advocated for the road to stay open, and so it did.

The residents are lame. Lame residents live in that neighborhood. They indicated that by sacrificing a park because it would make a TINY inconvenience to their lives. They confirmed it by wokewashing the preference.


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Can you recommend any youtube videos on repointing in particular? I'm going to repoint my basement (c. 1850) in the next few months using mortar from Many of the bricks themselves are also disintegrating, so I'm trying to decide whether to source old bricks or use one of the other products from limeworks.


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Why doesn't Baltimore have a vacancy tax? It would seem like a no-brainer, and a popular thing for a politician to run on, or to have a referendum for. DC charges 5% for vacant buildings, and 10% for blighted buildings. Baltimore charges the same 2.3% regardless of the state of the building. If Baltimore raised the tax rate on vacant/blighted buildings, they could afford to lower the rate for everyone else.