impossibleis7 t1_ja29l3x wrote

If you are talking about the new pros they probably are the best for voice. They are damn good when it comes to noise cancelling too (to me better than the wf-xm4s). I own 6 pairs (4 galaxy buds, a pair of wf-xm4 and a pair of air pods pro) and its the only pair I recommend among these for calls. Not that they are just better than the rest, the rest are absolute shit for calls. The airpods Pro are not the most comfortable though, and excluding calls not even the best. That would be the gaxy buds +. There have been times that I simply forget that I wore them. The battery life is so good that you forget they are even wireless. They are good to the point that I have two pairs and am considering hoarding a couple of more, in case Samsung decides to halt production.