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You know, I've only ever seen ovens underneath the stove top. I've seen small ones in the middle of what used to be floor to ceiling cabinets, but never anything like this. I never even considered that it was even an option, lol. That's really cool!


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And what a lot of coffee snobs don't get is that, a lot of people like their specific coffee, even if it is poorly brewed. Nostalgia, comfort, and repeated "exposure" can make even awful drinks taste amazing.

I say this as someone who has spent way too much time and money on coffee. I just have a soft-spot for gas station coffee. I don't mean the stiff sheetz has with tons of options and stored in containers that won't burn it. It's the ones that use like 3 home coffee makers and all of them are solid brown on the bottom from burnt coffee. I'd go for that over my pour over every day of the week.


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It unfortunately happens a lot. Probably every high-school has a group of teenagers who die in a tragic car accident where they were driving dangerously. A lot of the time, there's not even drugs or alcohol involved.

And as tragic as that is, what almost always happens next, takes one of the worst situations imaginable and somehow makes it worse when the parents of the passengers all start suing the parents of the driver and a lot of people around it are forced to pick a side.


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There is a big step between this:

> I mean arguably it is normal by virtue of being common that people become irrational and unconsolably emotional

And this:

> and yes even violent

Most people don't become violent even when they become irrationally angry. People that do, need some form of anger management. Violence in response to cheating is not common or normal, even though irrational anger is common and normal.


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Why would they get hate for saying infidelity could be the cause of violence? While rational and well adjusted people won't resort to violence, I don't think anyone would argue that it's not a very emotionally charged situation with a lot of anger.

Hell, I got into an argument once on reddit with someone who said it's normal and common for people to get violent after being cheated on.