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I came here to mention All Trails. It's so helpful not only for finding places, but knowing the conditions before you arrive. Several times I was gonna hike somewhere and someone else said it was flooded out recently, so I didn't bother.

And yeah, as for ticks, I coat all my gear usually spring and fall and when I hike I put a "healthy" later of "OFF" everywhere. I also spray my dog with a natural Ceder bug spray and he's on meds. The spray is so so, but I've never seen one latched on (fingers crossed).

I'm not a native Rhode Islander and the hiking is one of my favorite things about the state because I grew up in a very urban area.


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There are places all throughout New England where a person can responsibly operate OHVs. Also, several OHVs (like dirt bikes) are capable of being operated on the road with some modifications and possession of a motorcycle license and following the rules of the road.

It's the same as skateboards. You can ride a skateboard most places, but no if you want to do stunts and shit, you should do it in an environment that won't cause other people injury or property damage, like a skatepark.


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I did the taco one once and that's funny because I was thinking exactly what you're saying "this can't be that good for business". That being said, I did find one or two places that I go to, which I didn't know about beforehand.