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We are literally using it with students for all kinds of things. I really wish people wouldn’t assume that teachers are clueless or stuck in a “traditional” way of doing things, just because you watched a YouTube video about it or didn’t do well in school yourself (not you, just in general). We’re trained professionals with a lot of experience and skills. The criticisms I’m reading make it so clear that many people in this thread haven’t set foot in a school in a very long time. I hear the same criticisms all the time, and they’re not based in reality in 2023. It’s just people echoing each other. I graduated from high school in 2004. Classrooms are nothing like they were then.


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I’m an English and writing teacher for 6th and 8th grade students. We’re teaching them how to use it appropriately. There’s no way to avoid it—it must be taught.

So many people fail to understand that for students the main purpose of writing is the thinking, not the final product. With GPT you jump straight to the final product. We’re incorporating more speaking, structured academic conversations, writing on paper in class, and learning how to use AI for the tasks that are appropriate, like emails or asking it for feedback on your writing. Many will ignore our guidance and abuse it, but that’s the case with anything.

We already stopped worrying about grammar, spelling, and punctuation conventions when those became integrated into their Google drive, etc. Those haven’t been emphasized for years. We will adjust to all of this too.

Edit to add: Chat GPT3 is the least of our worries in schools right now. We probably have 30 major problems before we get to AI.


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AI art has this weird soulless lack of feeling permeating through it. It really creeps me out, not in an AI is dANgErOuS and will destroy us kind of way. It’s more like looking at someone who is smiling but dead. It can’t hurt you, but it haunts you.


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I’m deeply concerned about billionaires running anything at all that affects us, the earth, or the future.

They don’t even want peace for themselves. I don’t understand why they don’t go live their luxurious lives on an island somewhere and be happy. If they donated the majority of their wealth to help people or the planet, they would be heroes in history and STILL couldn’t spend all the money they have left in their lifetime or their children’s. What do they want?

It’s honestly so creepy.