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The argument from the freakonomics guy is that in around 96 the generation who were born once abortion was legalised started to become adults. At that time you had a huge reduction in the number of kids being born into situations where they were unwanted/ couldn’t be cared for/ or there were drugs etc involved. With that reduction came a matching reduction in the number of people growing up to be disfunctiknal adults.

Or something like that.


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You would prefer it, but one of the features of disruptive technologies is that initially they won’t beat the existing tech in every metric. Over time they might, but that’s not the point.

Fossil fuels are pretty efficient now because we’ve had hundreds of years to perfect their extraction and build up their scale. If we were still reliant on people mining coal with picks and shovels and drilling for oil with tiny little drill rigs on land then that labour efficiency would tank.