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I have a 2 bedroom apartment with electric heat and hot water. Each room has it's own thermostat so we only use it when we are in the room, otherwise it stays off. I am on a budget plan with National Grid so I pay about the same amount every month, currently about $150. So I pay $150 no matter the month. That is subject to change but has never been @25 more or less than $150. If I wasn't on a budget plan I'd be paying about $100 in the summer and at least $300 in the winter months.


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This is the best answer. I got my license through them when I was 16 and a few years ago when I needed to take a driving test to get my license back I did a couple road lessons (3 one hour lessons and a practice test on your last lesson for $200). If I didn't do those road lessons I would have failed my driving test. This place is the best place to go in the Worcester area- no question.


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All the food is nasty and overpriced. The DCU Center is definitely beyond it's heyday, I don't care how many "improvements" they make. They're going to start doing concerts at Polar Park, once they do that the DCU Center will be pretty much obsolete except for their conference space and expo halls which are empty 90% of the year.


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Almost all of those things are contained within the Worcester Re-Development Plan available through the City of Worcester Downtown Urban Revitalization Plan (URP). You can view the plans for the city here:


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Most coffee shops/cafe's in that area close early, like by 6pm. Even Dunkin's closes early. There are some really good, established, sandwich shops and cafe's on Main St. between the Courthouse and City Hall that are open during the day. Front St. is a challenging area because after everyone goes home from work, unless there are events at the DCU Center (which let's face it, there's never much going on there lol) there is not much foot traffic other than MCPHS students and maybe some foot traffic from the Mercantile Center. If I had to open a café in Worcester, it wouldn't be on Front St. Lot of competition, not really a high demand area, and the market Downtown is already very competitive.


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The glory days of the DCU center are far behind us. Until they can get competent management running the place then its just going to continue to sit empty over 85% of the time. It's poorly managed and it's had the same manager for like 25 years, I think it's time to bring in some new blood to revive the place.


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Brookfield Orchards in North Brookfield. It's a classic New England apple orchard with apple picking, hay rides, a huge general store, and some really nice food! I went there every Fall growing up. I have a lot of great memories playing at the playground and climbing apple trees. It's about 20-30 mins West of Worcester off of Route 9.