incomprehensibilitys t1_ixmikuu wrote

If what you were saying about UBI is true, why aren't half of the 200 countries around the world doing it?

Many many trillions in the United States have flowed from the government and aid organizations to people over the last century or more. Social security, welfare, grants governmental aid for a variety of things,. Where is the evidence that these recipients create art and dance and a richer more cultural society? The evidence should be overwhelming.

And why aren't people who are working considered able to create these things you are saying? Are they stupid? A lot of these people open businesses and take karate and dream paint and travel and open social media and share photography and other things.

What money was stolen from people? Are you talking about what we did to Native Americans and enslaved people? We all know the great harm that was done to others. But where is all this easy money? We already owe tens of trillions to Medicare and Social Security. As well as tens of trillions in governmental borrowing. About 30 to 40% of government spending has to be borrowed. We don't have two nickels to rub together that are actually not borrowed.

For people who are talking about giving away other people's money, what have they done? Have you given back your home to a native person because it was stolen land? Have you made reparations to enslaved people's descendants with your own money? I am working on a multi-year project to try to return tens of thousands of acres of ancestral land back to Native Americans who are now hundreds to thousands of miles away from their ancestral land. It may fail, but it is worth trying

These are woke assertions, not proven reality.