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I am a fairly timid mountain biker, and in town I enjoy the poop loop and some parts of Forest Hill park (I'm not ashamed to walk whatever freaks me out). I've had some of my best days on the greens and blues on the Swift Creek trails at Pocahontas state park. I don't have the nerve to try North Bank or Buttermilk pretty much ever, and I'm okay with that.

If you're feeling super-adventurous, Snowshoe has some fun trails in the offseason, but that is neither close nor cheap nor accessible right now. Maybe something to work towards!


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Pleasantly warm from gingerbread stouts, watching football until it's time to make a vat of pasta and find a dumb holiday movie to fall asleep to. My husband and I are on our own this year due to silly work schedules, and while we miss our collective family chaos, the quiet celebration is kind of nice too.