indigohan t1_jdv72x3 wrote

I just checked and Random House has it listed as postponed indefinitely. Unless there’s a sudden big demand, or she either writes something else huge and creates more interest, or can get the rights back, I wouldn’t be holding out for it.

There’s a difference between a book that isn’t finished yet, and one that is written but the publishers don’t want to release it. It’s release date was meant to be November 21

Edit: 11th May 2021

Edit: those pesky American dates always get me


indigohan t1_jdud8so wrote

I will never not be sad that Tamora Pierce had planned extra books in the Circle of Magic series, and her publisher wouldn’t pick them up. They’re all out of print now too. Do you know how many copies I could sell if I could order them into the bookstore!!!.