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That's a really good one.

I once saw an eagle swoop down and grab a baby merganser chick out of the lake. For some reason the eagle dropped it back into the lake and I watched it flounder around for a minute or two until a seagull came along and ate it. I was sobbing and yelling "No!" the entire time. That was more trauma than drama though.


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No doubt. And when they teeter down the road falling into potholes and jumping with the frost heaves while you're either behind them or coming the other way, that'll cause some drama and trauma.


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No. That's why we live here.

Well, unless you count overloaded logging trucks driving on posted roads. That'll raise some dramatic hackles.


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> P.S I am ready for summer

It's been summer all winter but with no bugs which is the best kind of summer.


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>Maybe it’s possible the mining can be done in an environmentally sustainable way?

LOL. No. There is no such thing as mining in an environmentally sustainable way. There's mining and then there's clean up. What happens in between is devastating to the environment, real estate values, recreation, etc.

We can't have mines everywhere and there are mine-able materials everywhere. Just because we have a gas station in the neighborhood doesn't mean we need a refinery next to it.


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Raised beds are just easier all the way around anyway, well except for installing them in the first place, but after that, easier for weeds and rodent control :-).

It might be worth getting the soil tested anyway in case roots go deeper than your raised beds and if you have kids that like to go out and play. Plus if you test early and have a problem, you can get on the list (if there's a list) for clean up assistance.


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I hate to break it to you but there are likely PFAS where you chose to live. It just hasn't been tested and/or mapped yet.

PFAS have been found in deer, fish and other wild edibles, not just soil and water.

I hope the money goes to testing in rural areas so the real scope of the problem is identified. We aren't even at the clean up phase yet.