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Don't panic yet.

Is there a wood stove in the unit? If there is, tell them to use it. If not, where would you send them? If the outage is widespread, they may open up the school as a warming station. Or maybe the lodge. I don't know how Saddleback handles things like this but Rangeley knows how to do cold weather and outages. Find local resources before sending them out into the cold.

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No shit the world doesn't revolve around me. What does that have to do with what I said? What a weird response, dear. think I'm "picky" because I don't like clicking a link that requires a pdf download to read the content? That's an outdated and rude way to deliver content. Is this your first day on the internet? Yeah, I'm "cranky" from having to sift through the repeated and some inane posts about cold weather. It's two days of cold for fucks sake. Get a grip. Plus that pdf and your silly replies really sent me.


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Cold is a temporary state and easily remedied if you have access to indoors with heat. If you do, getting from Point A to Point B in extreme cold is a short, uncomfortable experience but it will end. It's also optional. You can always not go out.


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As long as the wind isn't blowing, -44F feels the same as -5F or 0F. It's just fucking cold. Your boogers freeze. It's hard to breathe. Your skin feels like it's being pinched (until it doesn't and then you're in trouble and need to get inside). If the wind is blowing, it's a completely different game.

I generally don't go outside unless I have to when it's below -5F which isn't that bad for a short cold spell like the one coming up. A longer cold spell has a whole checklist of things to do before it hits and behavior changes while it's here.

"Fashion" winter wear generally doesn't work in cold weather. You have to wear brands that build clothing for cold weather and then layer up.

My car has a built-in engine block heater that I just need to plug in for a few hours if I think I need to go somewhere. But why would I want to go out when it's that cold? It'll warm up eventually.


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That's not spoiled. That's caring. I got a puffy jacket for my elderly german shepherd to go out and do her biz. She's had skin issues recently and lost some of her double coat that normally protects her. It hasn't re-grown yet so she gets a puffy. We do what we can to protect the ones we love. Give yours a skritch for me.


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Exactly. I live in the mountains and they're not necessary here. Plus they trash the road when there's no ice/snow.

They might help if you don't know how to drive the conditions though it's a weird recommendation for a cold snap. The roads are cleared of snow and ice, why would you need studded tires now?


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Everybody needs to fucking relax. It's only going to be really cold for a couple of days. It's not like we're in it for 2 or 3 weeks like the old days. There's good advice here but don't panic. It's going to be warm again on Monday.