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Seton Hall law school is near penn station, so any city near a path station is doable for you.

Jersey city, hoboken, all have path stations which would make your commute to school accessible


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> HOW DO I SECURE A PARKING PERMIT? All Parking permits are handled by the City of Newark Office of Permits 920 Broad St. Room B-17 973-733-6390.

from the shameful parking authority website


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its about profit.

Why would someone buy land to build a single family home, when they can buy the same land and build 10-20-30-40-50+ units and collect rent forever.

You are free to buy the land and build your single family homes as you please. With your rationale of thinking, why even wait for daddy to build it, go buy the land and build it yourself.


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closest I can say is Swedish Bakery/lite eats in Hackensack called Bageriet

an Austrian restaurant in neighboring Harrison called Charley's.

good luck, NYC would def cater to your friend much easier.