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I went through the Edison school system. Graduated in 2018. Our BOE has regularly consisted of the same 8-10 people if not all of them. Nobody wants to run for BOE because they won’t win, it’s virtually impossible. They keep trying to “diversify” the schools, and the school atmosphere. That’s a load of bullshit! They aren’t trying to diversify the district, they’re trying to make things easier for people more like them(the majority of the BOE is indian and Asian). They had cricket fields installed at some of the schools, I’ve never seen them used ever. They want to pass a referendum or whatever to pay for expanding some of the schools. Reproduction isn’t the cause of our fucking schools getting jam packed. It’s people moving in rapidly. If mfs stopped moving here, the schools wouldn’t be over populated. Instead of trying to raise our taxes, and use budgets on expanding schools, don’t fucking touch our taxes, install a/c in the schools(a/c was limited to very few classrooms if any), and stop people from moving in and enrolling! The school year has changed drastically too, from 2005 to now, I’ve seen so much bs taken and added to the school year calendar. Holidays used to be, 2-3 day fall recess, thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, and 2-3 emergency “snow” days built in. Now the damn thing has thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, and a bunch of random religious holidays not named Easter, Xmas, the fall Jewish holidays(I don’t remember how to spell them, parents are Jew tho…), and Passover.


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It really is a hell, especially between 4-6pm. That’s when the shift changes happen at amazon. The higher up day managers and 90% of site leadership leave by 4 at the latest, the “human resources” day team gets out at 4, outbound days gets out at 4:30, outbound nights goes in for 5, inbound days gets out at 5:30, inbound nights goes in for 6. The other 10% of site leadership is nights. Hr is in quotations because they don’t really do anything ever.


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Middlesex county, home of:

  • A community college with too much… MCC mofos
  • lightbulb city(my town)
  • donut town(town within my town)
  • a lot of brunswicks(iykyk)
  • a lot of golf courses
  • too many amazon buildings(2 in my town)


  • Middlesex College aka and fka “Middlesex County College” they may have changed the name, but still referred to as MCC
  • Edison
  • Metuchen (known as “the donut hole” because Edison surrounds Metuchen, the border goes through my house
  • New, North, South, East
  • I lost count of the courses
  • there is 1 or 2 in Carteret I think, 1 in/near Monroe, there’s 2 in Edison across the street from each other. That section of rt 27 with the 2 amazons and a FedEx building I refer to as the fulfillment district. Conveniently located near Walmart/Costco, pines manor and town hall.